Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mystery Movie Solved! LOVE TIMES THREE (1973)

Acquired for the U.S. by Serafim Karalexis' United International Films and released by Howard Mahler, LOVE TIMES THREE opened in the NYC area on December 14, 1973 with a self-applied X (It was submitted for a rating in '74 and received an R). The billing block in the promotional materials is bogus, but we recently watched the trailer for LOVE TIMES THREE on a Something Weird DVD and were able to ID the movie as WILDER SEX JUNGER MÄDCHEN/WILD SEXY YOUNG GIRL (1972) a.k.a. AUS DEM TAGEBUCH EINER FRÜHREIFEN/FROM THE DIARY OF AN EARLY BIRD a.k.a. LOVEPLAY, starring Astrid Kilian, Katharina Mayberg and Monica Marc.

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