Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mystery Movies solved! SAVAGE RIDERS and TORNADO ON WHEELS (both 1973)

Seven years ago we did a Mystery Movie post about two unidentified motorcycle movies, THE SAVAGE RIDERS and TORNADO ON WHEELS, and we're happy to report that both films have now been ID'd with help from Temple of Schlock contributor Mike MacCollum. Shot in 1972 as A HARD RIDE TO THE MOVIES, the R-rated THE SAVAGE RIDERS was directed by hardcore filmmaker Jack Genero and stars Robert Harvey, Darlene Genero and Chuck Wells. TORNADO ON WHEELS, which was released with a G rating by the Dallas Film Exchange during the 1973-1974 drive-in season, is actually I FIDANZATI DELLA MORTE/THE BOYFRIENDS OF DEATH (1957), a widescreen color Italian film dubbed into English and starring Rik Battaglia and Sylva Koscina. A print was recently restored through a crowdfunding campaign by Fenland Classic Motorcycles and can now be purchased on DVD here.

Thanks again to Mike MacCollum, who was at the Skyline Drive-In in August 2015 when the only known print of THE SAVAGE RIDERS was shown as part of the Skyline's weekend late-night "Drive-Insanity" series.


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