Sunday, October 15, 2017

Movie Ad of the Week: PLAY DEAD w/ SPLATTER UNIVERSITY (1986)

The three-screen Sunset Drive-in theater in Colchester, VT ran a double bill of Troma horror films on May 16, 1986. PLAY DEAD, shot in 1981, stars Yvonne De Carlo as a wealthy woman with supernatural powers who uses her pet rottweiler Greta to kill off her family members over a past misdeed. The second feature, Richard W. Haines' SPLATTER UNIVERSITY (1984), was filmed around the New York tri-state area mostly in 1981, with some additional scenes shot in 1982 to expand the film to feature length.

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Carlos Cuba said...

Hi I really love your blog, really sorry for the off-topic, but...

I came to the site by trying to find scans in google of the comic-book adaptation of The Man with the X-Ray Eyes. I'm trying to find it complete for an article that I am writing for a magazine, in an old interview with Frank Henenlotter he claimed that the comic was quite different from the movie and almost better, I really need to see it, but since I don't live in the US, finding a physical copy is proving too expensive for me :(

I really would appreciate if you could scan the whole thing!

If not, well, best regards, and keep up the good work!