Friday, June 09, 2017

Mystery Movie solved! KUNG FU KIDS (ca. 1973)

Three and a half years ago we posted this Mystery Movie entry about KUNG FU KIDS, an Asian fantasy film released in the U.S. as a kiddie matinee during the height of the '70s kung fu craze. Three months ago we found out that it was distributed by Aquarius Releasing, and had also played kiddie matinees as SUPERBOY AND SUPERGIRL AGAINST THE 7 MONSTERS (The ad below right is from a booking in Westfield, NJ during the weekend of October 19-21, 1973).

Not long after I posted this update on Facebook, Jeff Goodhartz of Weng's Chop magazine wrote in and suggested that perhaps KUNG FU KIDS was a "Watari" movie from Japan. Five seconds of online scanning brought us the answer: KUNG FU KIDS (or SUPERBOY AND SUPERGIRL AGAINST THE 7 MONSTERS) is actually the Toei production FEI LONG WANG ZI PO QUN YAO (1970), a.k.a. THE MAGIC SWORD OF WATARI, GOLDEN BOY SUBDUES MONSTERS, and WATARI AND THE SEVEN MONSTERS. Thanks, Jeff!

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