Sunday, February 19, 2017

Movie Ad of the Week: THE ZEBRA KILLER (1974) a.k.a. COMBAT COPS (1975)

Kentucky-based filmmaker William Girdler's third feature, THE ZEBRA KILLER, was released with a PG rating by Arthur Marks' General Film Corporation in 1974. Top-billed Austin Stoker did two more movies with Girdler (ABBY and SHEBA, BABY) before starring in ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 for John Carpenter. The ad above is from Indianapolis on August 28, 1974.

Two months later, the film had a new blaxploitation ad campaign and was playing urban theaters as THE GET-MAN. Here it is in Buffalo, NY on October 25, 1974.

The title was changed to COMBAT COPS a few months later so the film could be paired with a reissue of Marks' DETROIT 9000 for a police-themed double bill. This ad is from Louisville (where the film was shot) on March 5, 1975. For overseas theatrical and video, the title was changed again, to PANIC CITY.

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