Sunday, November 06, 2016

Movie Ad of the Week: SEX AND THE SINGLE PARENT (1982)

Ten years after Avco Embassy tried to market Krishna Shah's offbeat domestic drama RIVALS (1972) as a horror thriller -- frequently paired with THE SPORTING CLUB, and always without success -- Jack H. Harris reissued it as SEX AND THE SINGLE PARENT. Meanwhile, the film was showing on television (as RIVALS) around the same time, as was a TV movie titled SEX AND THE SINGLE PARENT, originally aired on CBS in 1979 and starring Mike Farrell and Susan St. James.

Longview, TX - October 1, 1982


Marty McKee said...

Would love to ask Klein about this picture.

Anonymous said...

I remember how Robert Klein commented on this movie on one of his comedy LPs in the '70s. He joked that "The Rivals" was playing in a theater out in Far Rockaway as part of a double bill with "Fuck Me Whip Me Kill Me Suck Me." Just imagine Klein delivering THAT faux movie title in rapid, machine-gun style! Big laughs.