Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mystery Movie solved! GIRLS IN BONDAGE (1979)

Over six years ago, we posted a Mystery Movie entry for the HOUSE OF SHAME/GIRLS IN BONDAGE double bill in which we surmised that one of these films, probably HOUSE OF SHAME, was a re-titling of THE CULT (a.k.a. THE LOVE CULT, THE MANSON MASSACRE and TOGETHER GIRLS), #26 on our Endangered List. It turns out we were partly correct. Thanks to the tireless efforts of T.O.S. correspondent Mike MacCollum, who attended the Pandemonium Picture Show event at the Skyline Drive-In in Shelbyville, IN this past weekend, we now have confirmation that GIRLS IN BONDAGE is another title for THE CULT. Thanks, Mike!

One down, one to go. Now what film do we think is hiding behind the HOUSE OF SHAME title? Our guess: THE HOUSE THAT VANISHED.


John Black said...

Good to have some of that mystery solved. HOUSE OF SHAME sounds like OLGA'S HOUSE OF SHAME, so perhaps that's a possibility? Of course, 1979 might be a bit late for an Olga picture to still be playing. I do think that the Olga films played in Canada in the early-mid seventies, so who knows?

Anonymous said...

Good news.