Sunday, July 31, 2016

Movie Ad of the Week: THOR THE CONQUEROR (1984)

We're as shocked as anyone that Cannon actually gave a theatrical release to THOR THE CONQUEROR, but here it is Oxford, AL on February 10, 1984. The umpteenth cheesy '80s Italian flick guilty of clonin' the barbarian, this one was directed by Anthony Richmond [Tonino Ricci] and stars Conrad Nichols [Bruno Minniti], the same duo that ripped off THE ROAD WARRIOR with the dopey one-two punch of RUSH (1983) and RAGE (1984). THOR is currently available on DVD for around $5.00 as part of Full Moon's Grindhouse Collection.

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Guy Callaway said...

It's great how they're already pimping the next movie ('Starts next Friday').
I think I actually went to see this - I really enjoy poor knock-offs much more than their inspiration.