Sunday, August 14, 2016

Movie Ad of the Week: THE DEATH OF BRUCE LEE w/ MR. DEATH (1977)

A double feature of death from Howard Mahler Films -- THE DEATH OF BRUCE LEE and MR. DEATH -- opened in Louisville, KY on November 18, 1977. THE DEATH OF BRUCE LEE is a re-release of THE BLACK DRAGON'S REVENGE (1975), starring Ron Van Clief and Charles Bonet. The second feature, MR. DEATH, is a re-release of Jim Sotos' THE LAST VICTIM, starring Tanya Roberts, Ron Max, and Nancy Allen. Although it carries an R rating here, the film actually received a PG from the MPAA in January 1976. When it was re-released as FORCED ENTRY in 1983 by Sotos' own company, Century International, it was edited for re-rating and got an R.

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