Sunday, March 02, 2014

Movie Ad of the Week: WARRIOR QUEEN (1987)

Prolific pornographer Chuck Vincent had been alternating between hardcore adult films (FAREWELL SCARLET, ROOMMATES, JACK N' JILL) and R-rated drive-in fare (SUMMER CAMP, HOT T-SHIRTS, PREPPIES) for over a decade before he cast Donald Pleasence opposite Sybil Danning in WARRIOR QUEEN, a sexploitation take on THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII that actually recycles some of the climactic death and destruction footage from the 1959 Steve Reeves film! Co-starring Rick Hill from DEATHSTALKER, Josephine Jacqueline Jones and porno star Samantha Fox, Vincent's version was shot in Italy and produced by Harry Alan Towers and Joe D'Amato. Boris Vallejo painted the movie poster, which doesn't look much different from the ones he was doing for Roger Corman around the same time (the DEATHSTALKER series, BARBARIAN QUEEN, AMAZONS, NAKED WARRIORS). Seymour Borde & Associates opened the R-rated, 69-minute cut of WARRIOR QUEEN in Chicago, New York and several other major cities on January 23, 1987. The unrated videocassette from Vestron runs 10 minutes longer.

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