Sunday, October 06, 2013

Movie Ad of the Week: HAUNTED MANSION (1973)

Named after the popular E ticket attraction at Disneyland (California) and the Magic Kingdom (Florida), HAUNTED MANSION opened in the New York City area 40 years ago this week (October 6-8, 1973) as another kiddie matinee from Larry Joachim's Trans National Film Corporation. During a recent interview with Mr. Joachim, the veteran producer-distributor revealed to us that HAUNTED MANSION was actually a reissue of WHO KILLED DOC ROBBIN (1948), the second of two attempts by Hal Roach & Robert F. McGowan to revive their OUR GANG kids comedies as 55-minute color b-features.

Ad above courtesy of Fred Adelman


Rich G said...

oh this is cool, I would have freaked it I saw this as a kid in NJ, love seeing confusing out of date movies in a theater and people's confusion ....I still remember the Kato/Bruce Lee/Green Hornet tv series episodes edited down to a feature that had people in the audience scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell was going on, because there was no continuity and old old old.

Matthew St. Cyr said...

Hey Chris & Paul,'ve been awarded The Sunshine Award. Sure, it's just a bloggy badge that really don't mean much other than "I think you're blog is neato".....but hey and award is an award, am I right?

Anonymous said...

Is ToS in hibernation? Come back soon!