Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Endangered List (Case File #138)


Avery Schreiber
Judy Lewis
Anne Jeffreys
Robert Denison

Directed by
Don Edmonds

Written by
Howard Koch

Produced by
Hobarth Johnson
Richmond Johnson

Sound Editor
Richard L. Anderson

Lighting Technician
Steve Mathis

MPAA rating: G

The director of the ILSA movies made a G-rated family film?! And it was written by the screenwriter of THE SEA HAWK, SERGEANT YORK and CASABLANCA?! You bet! THE SOUTHERN DOUBLE CROSS played on TV for at least 10 years during the video era (1983-1993), so we're hoping somebody recorded it during that time. Until then, it's #138 on the Endangered List! Thanks to John Charles for bringing this one to our attention.

Compiled by John Charles

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