Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Endangered List (Case File #137)


Rene Bond
Peggy Church
Robyn Whiting [Jacqueline Giroux}

Directed by
Ronnie Runningboard
[Dan Martin]

Argon Production

Released by
Freeway Films Corporation

Running time: 84 minutes


This may sound a little fishy to you, but the producer swears every word of the story is true. A drunken old salt in a tough waterfront dive relates to the younger seamen present the story of his marriage to a mermaid and the resulting issue of that marriage ... four little barracudas, one-fourth fish and three-fourths human.

A quartet of the listeners believe him and set forth to find the mermaid and her daughters. They do. A fabulous shore dinner ensues.

The sailors dig it, and all ends happily, as it should, with the younger sailors embarking upon the sea of life with their newfound mermaidettes.

For the story behind this obscure nudie cutie, check out David Friedman's audio commentary on the Something Weird DVD of THE ADULT VERSION OF JEKYLL & HIDE.

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Andrew Leavold said...

Guys, I have a DVD-R of The Mermaid. It exists...and it is incredible!