Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Endangered List (Case File #136)


Jackie Gayle
Jackie Vernon
Joe E. Ross
Jay Lawrence
Frank de Kova
Robert Adell
Joe Bellucci
Helen Slayton-Hughes
Sally K. Marr
Marius Mazmanian
Vic Tayback
Stan Ross
Richard Stuart
Gerald Nelson
Janet Wood
Rudy Diaz
Jimmy Christy
Al Kahn
Vera Lockwood
John Hanson
John Decker
Bob Leslie
Marlene Tracy
Michael Perrota
Lionel Decker
Luce Medalla
Jeffrey Reese

Written and Directed
Joseph Van Winkle

Produced by
Sidney H. Levine

Executive Producer
Robert Adell

Cinematography by
George E. Mather

Supervising Sound Editor
Richard L. Anderson

Adell Productions

Released by
American General, Inc.

MPAA rating: PG (1977)


In a most unusual plot to gain control of America’s newly legalized gambling territory, Atlantic City, Albert Sordi conceives a highly nefarious scheme to eliminate several top Mafia family figures by arranging an Appalachia type meeting aboard a yacht which is stationed off the shore of San Diego, California.

However, the unusual doesn’t really begin to happen until the gay liberated crew of “The Pinky Bee,” which is captained by liberationist John Hansen, meets the mobsters. And when comedian Jackie Gayle (Pinky), a member of the crew who suffers from mental seizures which leads him to believe that he is actually Captain Bligh, the power that rises within him readily enables the crewman to overpower the Mafia chieftains (Jackie Vernon, Joe E. Ross, Frank DeKova, Robert Adell and Jay Lawrence). Thus, in a most hilarious, side-splitting seagoing adventure, where a female crew member, believing that the mobsters are actually motion picture producers, tries to audition for the Cosa Nostra bosses before the planted bomb (aboard the ship) goes off.


Filmed in San Diego starting on July 25, 1977. Submitted to the MPAA for rating in October 1977. A sneak preview was held at the Fallbrook Theatre in Canoga Park, CA on March 7, 1980. A soundtrack album, most likely a 12-inch 45 rpm, was issued and consists of only two tracks: "Big Boss (Disco Long Version)" and "Big Boss (Vocal)."


John Charles said...

Good Christ, the perfect co-feature for THE GODMOTHERS!

dav725 said...

I was there for the filming of this movie and I used to have a VHS copy of it that has disappeared over the years. Still looking for another copy if one ever surfaces.