Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Our buddy Bob Plante emailed this “Mystery Movie” to us a couple of months ago, but it got lost in our jukebox – er, inbox – until just the other day. According to the label on the 45 rpm record pictured above, “When You Made Love” (Parts 1 & 2) by Romeo Taylor is heard in the movie NIGHT OF THE DEVIL. A thorough online search has yielded nothing about any movie with that title, and very little about Mr. Taylor and his record label, Me-O Records. Oh, and you can forget about finding a year on this single, because the cratediggers discussing it online can’t even agree on what city Taylor was located in, nor what pressing plant was churning out his records. We’re confident that “When You Made Love” will eventually turn up on a U.K. produced R&B/funk/northern soul compilation, but what about NIGHT OF THE DEVIL? Any ideas?

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William S. Wilson said...

The U.S. Copyright database does list a copyright for the title "When You Made Love To Me" by one Romeo Lee Taylor, Sr. taken out in 1997. It listed the date of creation as 1975.