Sunday, February 10, 2013

Movie Ad of the Week: HOUSE OF HOOKERS w/ HILLBILLY HOOKER (1975)

The British crime film A TOUCH OF THE OTHER (1970), directed by Arnold L. Miller and starring Kenneth Cope and Shirley Anne Field, was first released stateside by Film Ventures International as THE HAPPY HOOKERS in 1973 with an ad campaign created by Donn Davison. By 1975 it had been re-titled HOUSE OF HOOKERS and was being used as a co-feature with MASSAGE PARLOR HOOKERS, a re-titling of the NY-shot psycho-thriller THE MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS! When HOUSE OF HOOKERS opened in Panama City, Florida on May 11, 1975, the second feature was HILLBILLY HOOKER, an FVI re-titling of Davison’s HONEY BRITCHES (1971). Also released as SHANTYTOWN HONEYMOON and THE LITTLE WHOREHOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, Davison’s film was sold to Troma in the late 1980s as DEMENTED DEATH FARM MASSACRE after Fred Olen Ray shot new wraparound scenes for it with John Carradine.

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