Sunday, December 30, 2012

Movie Ad of the Week: FORCE OF IMPULSE (1961)

World Premiere - November 29, 1961 - Kittanning, PA

The Beyond Leone spaghetti western series we co-hosted at 92Y Tribeca last month certainly renewed our interest in the cinema of Tony Anthony, even if the paying public shared none of our enthusiasm for the wonders of GET MEAN. The West Virginia-born western star's first film as actor/producer/co-writer, FORCE OF IMPULSE (1961), is available from Something Weird and worth picking up if you have any interest in regional filmmaking in general (it was shot independently in Florida) or the careers of Anthony and director Saul Swimmer in particular. Other cast members of note include Robert Alda, J. Carroll Naish, Jody McCrea, and jazz drummer Lionel Hampston, plus an "introducing" credit for young female lead Teri Hope, Playboy's Miss September 1958. The IMDb credits Ms. Hope's birth name as Natalie Hope Ronson, while Wikipedia has it as Natalie Hope Heisburg, but the articles below -- from the world premiere showing in her hometown of Kittanning, Pennsylvania -- all refer to her as Natalie Reisberg. Not surprisingly, the 'local girl makes good' press coverage acknowledges the new stage name and shaves two years off her age while avoiding all mention of her Playboy appearances.


Anonymous said...

A pleasant surprise! It's an interesting film, and it would be really nice to see more such regional films (beyond just horror) given similar attention. Thanks!

tl said...

I was a high school student in Kittanning,PA, when this film came out and we actually had an assembly featuring Teri/Natalie (and yes, Reisberg was her name; her dad had a popular women's clothing store in Kittanning). In retrospect, it was more impressive that Tony Anthony, of later independent western movie fame also appeared. Whatever the neglect in local newspaper stories as to her centerfold status, her dad wasn't all that embarrassed. He had a clothed Playboy photo displayed in his store as soon as it appeared.

John O'Neill said...

What ever happened to Teri/Natalie? Is she still in Pennsylvania? We work with Playboy and would like to contact her for autograph signings! Yes, decades after the fact there are still a lot of people who would love to have her autograph. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Contact Thank you! John O.

AnalogExperience said...

"Whatever happened to Teri?" Teri is my aunt, of my mother's brother- his wife. They married in the early 70s? I think, I haven't asked the date of their wedding, but their wedding pictures look like early 1970s. All I know is, they've been married forever, and both my uncle & Teri have only married once- to each other obviously. Teri stayed tiny her whole life, never got big, fat or ugly. They lived in Bel Air for the longest, then moved somewhere else, which I won't give out- it's not PA, it's in the West but they both really, really like their privacy & I try to respect that. She's very much alive, very well in fact. I wish I had found this blog earlier, I found a write up of her totally by accident! I was looking up something on actress Marianna Hill, and through a wild goose chase landed here. Fascinating- I did not know of these articles until now.

The guy she married is fabulous- my uncle is, and was, a very popular Hollywood person. You probably would not recognize his name- but everyone in Hollywood knew him, and many still do, but as time goes by, many of his closest friends have passed on (Joan Rivers, for one, his closest friend & confidante) he gave interviews on CNN after Joan's death. By the way, contrary to Joan's humor (which I never found really funny, honestly) she was an extremely kind and caring person- not just in words but in action. Well that's about as much as I care to submit here, thanks for posting this article on her.

AnalogExperience said...

I think my comment didn't post- I will try again. Teri lives out West with my uncle- they married in early 70s? I think, judging by their wedding pictures, I never asked the date of their wedding so I'm only guessing. They married only once, to each other. Teri married my uncle I think when he was just getting some work in Hollywood, his name won't ring any bells but everyone in Hollywood knew him by name and face, and many still do know him and of him, although many of his closest friends have passed on (Joan Rivers, his best friend and confidante, contrary to her humor she was the kindest, most thoughtful person in words AND acts)My uncle and Joan would go on trips to Europe together, both when married to other persons at the time! But no funny business, they were friends and that's it- nothing more.

Teri, I've only known her as "Aunt Teri" didn't know really of her acting history until much later into my adulthood and it was casually mentioned and only because something was brought up about it. All I knew then was that she was once a Playboy Playmate. My uncle being a bit of a rake, seemed logical she would be the type of person he'd marry. He is a hilarious, crazy kind of guy. Teri never got big fat and ugly, she is tiny, and always has been a tiny thing just a wisp of a girl.

They lived in a fantastic place in Bel Air for decades, they moved "out West" to a really nice area where I won't divulge, only because my uncle is extremely privacy conscious. The kind of guy, that asks you for your memory card from your camera or your phone if you happen to take pics at his place. To describe Teri and my uncle- my uncle is this jokester, who is very witty and Teri is the quiet one who is used to the jokes.

They collect art, my uncle right now is visiting with my mom in California for a while.

But yes Teri is very much alive and well. Thanks for posting this, I had no idea of this blog or these articles, I found it by accident while looking up actress Marianna Hill actually, and through a bunch of stuff landed here.