Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Endangered List (Case File #121)

a.k.a. I CAN'T, I CAN'T

Dennis Waterman (The Groom)
Tessa Wyatt (The Bride)
The Girl Friend (Alexandra Bastedo)

Eddie Byrne
Maire O’Donnell
Martin Dempsey
Patrick Laffan
Peter Mayock
Eillen Page
Trevor Bailey
Chris Curran
Vernon Hayden
Cecil Nash

Directed by
Piers Haggard

Screenplay by
Robert I. Holt
Lee Dunne

Story by
Robert I. Holt

Produced by
Philip N. Krasne

Ray Sturgess

Music by
Cyril Ornadel

Edited by
Kenneth Crane

Color by

American International Pictures

Running time: 99 minutes

MPAA rating: GP


A young, sensitive girl (Tessa Wyatt) becomes panicky on her wedding night with an overpowering fear of marital sex and ultimate pregnancy. The virtually traumatic condition is brought on by the sudden death of her mother, pregnant for the eighth time, who succumbs following a miscarriage.

All of her hidden fears are unleashed and she becomes neurotically unable to consummate the marriage to her handsome groom (Dennis Waterman).

On the pretense of remaining with the father until a relative arrives to take up management of the household, the frantic girl continues to evade the ultimate culmination of marriage. Through the now apparent evasion of marital obligations, the husband remains patient for a time. But when a seductive former girlfriend (Alexandra Bastedo) suddenly reappears on the scene, the situation is brought to a tense crisis.

Despite the husband’s pleadings, the young wife continues to avoid the moment of sexual unity even after joining him under the same roof. She is caught between conflicting emotions of desire and a religious repugnance to the use of contraceptives to avoid pregnancy.

Her dilemma results in a mental collapse. She flees her husband and returns to her hometown where she engages in a humiliating scene with her former friend, the Priest, who heads the town church. This meeting is followed by a complete mental depression and attempted suicide.

Later, hospitalized, with her husband at her side, it at last becomes apparent that in time she will ultimately loser her fear of pregnancy and a normal marriage can ensue.

There is a 35mm print of this film in the archives of the Irish Film Institute (IFI), but another source has yet to surface.


Marc Edward Heuck said...

Does Dennis Waterman get to write the theme tune, sing the theme tune?


ibrokemydick said...

another film I known is kinda lost is 'journey through rosebud'1972
it made its way to vhs in the 80's but of course it was poorly transferd. from what I can tell all the prints and negatives are gone. I would enjoy seeing it