Sunday, April 22, 2012

Movie Ad of the Week: FATHER'S NIGHT (1975) a.k.a. TEENAGE SEDUCTRESS

Terry Nelson (Sondra Currie) arrives in Taos, New Mexico looking for her father, bestselling novelist Preston King (producer-director Chris Warfield), who deserted her and her religious fanatic mother (Gwen Van Dam) two decades earlier. A bitter, man-hating sociopath, Terry poses as a University of Connecticut student to secure a position as King’s intern-assistant -- driving a wedge between the famous author and his girlfriend, middle-aged librarian Victoria (Elizabeth Saxon) -- with the intention of seducing and then destroying daddy with the revelation that he's had sex with his own daughter.

We have no idea where the Internet Movie Database got a release date of 1971 for this movie, but it was shot in Taos in October 1974 under the title LOVE IS FOREVER. Character actor Buck Flower, the producer and co-writer, intended to call it AN AFFAIR IN TAOS, but Warfield announced it in the trades as INCEST and then INCEST ON FATHER'S NIGHT.

Pic was first released by Warfield's company Lima Productions in 1975, under the title FATHER'S NIGHT. Although it's best known today as TEENAGE SEDUCTRESS (a Lima re-release title circa 1978), it resurfaced in theaters in the early '80s as FOR THE LOVE OF TERRY, which is also the title on the edited TV prints.


Anonymous said...

Ordered that shitty TEENAGE SEDUCTRESS bootleg from that shitty bootleg operation on Amazon. Not expecting much. Last night I dreamt that I was watching a Lima production I had never seen before. Probably due to learning of TEENAGE SEDUCTRESS here and watching HITCH-HIKE TO HELL a few hours later. (Lots of the same San Fernando Valley ambiance as some of the Lima stuff.)


Anonymous said...

"incest on father's night" is a good movie. on a scale of one to ten, sondra currie is an infinity, so any movie she appears in is worth seeing. and i liked the washed out look of the photography and the taos ambiance of the settings. "incest on father's night" is a b film delight!!