Sunday, January 15, 2012

Movie Ads of the Week: THE IMMORAL WEST (1962) and CARNAL MADNESS (1974)

Russ Meyer's western-themed nudie THE IMMORAL WEST began its theatrical life in May 1962. Below is an ad from its Tucson, Arizona booking in July of that year, co-billed with a 1956 nudist documentary from Switzerland titled THE ISLE OF LEVANT (U.S. release: 1959).

Within a year, THE IMMORAL WEST was retitled WILD GALS OF THE NAKED WEST and continued to play theaters under this showier title for the next decade (It received an R rating from the MPAA in 1973). Here's an ad from October 1974, where Meyer's movie is sandwiched between Gregory Corarito's CARNAL MADNESS (1974) and Stephanie Rothman's GROUP MARRIAGE (1972) at a Kansas City drive-in.

CARNAL MADNESS, rated R in 1973, was getting playdates under that title in 1974 but was retitled DELINQUENT SCHOOL GIRLS by January 1975. In the ad below, from December '75, a Miami grindhouse was advertising it as BLACK CARNAL MADNESS on a double bill with the Filipino martial arts actioner MURDER IN THE ORIENT ("See Renbu-Kai, world's only killing karate!"), starring Leo Fong and Ron Marchini.

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