Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Marvel spoofs FROGS and BLACULA

Our statistics went through the roof last week after we posted the Crazy magazine spoof of the SHAFT tv series (thanks in part to the referrals from our friends Marc Edward Heuck and Marty McKee on Facebook and Twitter, respectively), so we decided to dig one year deeper into the archives for this pair of parodies from an earlier Marvel Comics attempt to ride Mad's wave of success. The color comic book Spoof was only around for 5 issues, but it stood apart from its influences and competitors in that it seemed to eschew studio films in favor of ribbing the smaller but no less popular indy releases of the day, including 2 horror films from American International Pictures, FROGS and BLACULA. So without further ado, here's F-F-FROGS! from issue #3 (January 1973).

And heeeeeere's BLECHHULA! from issue #4 (March 1973). Enjoy!


Arbogast said...

I had this comic! Thanks for the memory!

venoms5 said...

Awesome post! I hadn't seen this comic before.

Nick Cato said...

WOW--never even heard of these! Thanks a zillion for posting!