Sunday, July 24, 2011

Movie Ad of the Week: FIRECRACKER w/ BAMBOO DOLL HOUSE (1981)

This double bill of Philippines-shot exploitation from New World Pictures opened at the Rialto Theater (Atlanta, GA) in May 1981. Cirio H. Santiago's first directorial effort for New World since COVER GIRL MODELS six years earlier, FIRECRACKER was a remake of Santiago's own TNT JACKSON (1974) and starred Jillian Kesner, "1981 Winner of the North American Black Belt Olympics" (Similarly, the publicity for TNT JACKSON claimed that star Jeanne Bell was an "Ebony Fist Award" winner). The music is mostly taken from SHOGUN ASSASSIN (1980) and the film's most memorable setpiece was shot in L.A. by director Allan Holzman and cinematographer Don Jones.

BAMBOO DOLL HOUSE is a re-release of WOMEN IN CAGES (1971) that utilizes the ad campaign for THE BIG DOLL HOUSE (also '71).

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venoms5 said...

An awesome ad and I can't wait to see FIRECRACKER again once it hits DVD.