Friday, May 06, 2011

POOR PRETTY EDDIE finally available on DVD/Blu-ray combo pack!

POOR PRETTY EDDIE is now available in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from Cultra/HD Cinema Classics in the best looking and most complete transfer that's ever been available for your home viewing enjoyment. Extras include an informative audio commentary with cinematographer David Worth (moderated by exploitation film historian Joe Rubin) and a lengthy, exhaustively researched historical essay on the movie by our own Chris Poggiali, packed with quotes from recent interviews he conducted with stars Leslie Uggams and Michael Christian. Check out the reviews for this disc below:

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Rock! Shock! Pop!
DVD Verdict
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What are you waiting for? Grab POOR PRETTY EDDIE from your favorite Blu-ray/DVD supplier now!


Nick Cato said...

MAN does the guy on that DVD cover resemble MEATLOAF!

venoms5 said...

If only work would pick up as I have far too many DVD purchases to catch up on now. There's so many great trashy movies hitting disc lately. I can't wait to upgrade this one!

Larry Gold III said...

A smart little picture! I handled its distribution in Cypress during the summer of 75 and it did smashing business! I believe we had to make cuts to appease the local ratings board. As I recall, it was 15 seconds of two smirky dogs making peace-glory. Cheerio!