Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mystery Movie: FIRE IN HER HEAD (1970)


Anonymous said...

Maybe this? Just a guess:


Co-feature THE LOVEMAKERS seems to be from 1972:

Temple of Schlock said...

Thanks! You're probably right, although the ad above is definitely from October 1970; the IMDb claims 1973 and Retro-Seduction (who released it on DVD last year as THE FIRE IN HER BED) has '72 on all of their press releases. So it looks like we've stumbled across the correct release date as well as a new alternate title.

As for THE LOVEMAKERS, the IMDb also got that one wrong. They have a 1972 date on the main entry, but if you click on their company credits link there's a notation that Sam Lake Enterprises released the film in 1970.