Friday, August 13, 2010

The Endangered List (Case File #78)


Sonny Blaze (Joan)
Robyn Whitting (Phyllis)
Uschi Digard (Harriet)
Charla Hill (Helen)
Jackie English (Luci, Bar Dancer)
Helena Davis (Kathy)
Vanette Dixon (Jean)
Sanford Mitchell (Detective Frank Towland)
John Wheeler (Detective Ray Farnum)
Charles Bauer (Mayor Jordan)
Daniel Michaels (Chet Baker)
Liz Wolfe (Mrs. Winstead)
Barrett S. Cooper (Councilman Thomas)
Peter Weeder (Pusher)
Herb Graham (Scarlotti)
Richard Fullerton (Bank Robber)

Written, produced and directed
Al Field

Director of Photography
William Foster

Film Editor
Bob Malcolm

Jim Sharp

Art Direction
Sam Morgan

Set Direction
Helen Wilson

Production Manager
Deke Miles

Key Grip
Hal Gordon

Special Effects
Tom Swift

Richard La Salle

Vocal Theme
Mark Powers / G-Men

Self-applied X
MPAA rating (1975): R

Distributed by
Parliament Films

Graft and corruption runs rampant in ANY TOWN U.S.A. From the office of the Mayor, to the Vice Cop on the beat, from the Syndicate Boss to the lowly prostitute, EVERYONE IS ON THE TAKE! You will see Councilman Thomas, an "honest" politician framed and drugged into posing for lewd photographs, and Police Chief Wingate order a "contract" on one of his own men. Bottomless bars and massage parlors are "shaken down." Criminals are turned loose and the innocent are made guilty!

You'll meet....

JOAN: A BEAUTIFUL SENSITIVE YOUNG HOOKER trapped in a world of flesh, men's lust, and her own warped desires!

PHYLLIS: THE TEENAGE WIFE OF A ROOKIE COP, hungry for a love she could not give!

HARRIET: THE MISTRESS OF THE SYNDICATE BOSS, who could turn on any man and any woman (and sometimes at the same time!)

HELEN: THE "SEXYTARY" TO THE MAYOR, a saucy kittenish female who could get any man with very little effort!

LUCI: AN "UN-COVER" AGENT, WORKING IN A BOTTOMLESS BAR, she took more than she gave!

KATHY AND JEAN: THE MASSAGE PARLOR GIRLS, who were experts in easing aching tired "muscles!"

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Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the ad for this at the Rialto (local movie dive in Ottawa, Ontario) and being so turned on by the black chick in the white undies. Guess I'll never see her now...