Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Endangered List (Case File #45)

SASQUA (1975)

Written, produced and directed
by Channon J. Scott

Cinematography by
Henning Schellerup

Edited by
Lou Peralta

James Whitworth
Tom Johnigarn
Carmilla Gallien
Nate White
Buck Miller
Jim McKenna
Tom Lannan
Ken Souza
Ed Butler
Ron Hunter
Jim Curtis
Charles Jarvis
Linda Diefendorf
Tony Ziagos
Diane Ziagos

Released by L. Five Films
MPAA rating: PG


Nacho F. said...

We love your blog!!!
We are a bunch of "horror & exploitation films" freaks from Spain!. We have our own blog,
Good luck!.


Temple of Schlock said...

We haven't found it yet, Bart.

Naxo, thanks for the words of encouragement! We'll link to your blog shortly!


Nacho F. said...

Thanks man!! we´ll do the same!

Tony Ziagos said...

Nice to see interest in our movie.

Good copies of the movie are difficult to obtain. The only copy I have is a copy of a copy.

Tony Ziagos

Tim Mayer said...

Wow, more Bigfoot terror!

Critters said...

Tony if you are interested in selling copy of 'Sasqua' please email me at
I would love to get this title.

Great site guys, keep it that way!

UltimateHomer said...

My mother and father were friends of Channon J. Scott. My mom had a 45 of the soundtrack that I had on continuous rotation at age five. It turned me into a lifelong Sasquatch lovin nut. Never saw the movie though. I think it was still in production then I moved to California with my mom.

Jason Homer

Robert Plante said...

Wow, why have I never heard of this before?