Friday, July 17, 2009

Temple of Schlock Cover Gallery

#1 - July 1987

#2 - December 1987

#3 - January 1988

#4 - February 1988

#5 - March 1988

#6 - April 1988

#7 - May 1988

#8 - June 1988

#9 - July 1988

#10 - August 1988

#11 - September 1988

#12 - October 1988

#13 - November 1988

#14 - December 1988

#15 - January 1989

#16 - February 1989

#17 - May 1989

#18 - June 1989

#19 - August 1989

#20 - January 1990

#21 - March/April 1990

#22 - May/June 1990

#23 - September 1990

#24 - June 1991


Kris Gilpin said...

LOVE the old covers, Chris!

O my, but they take me back! (sniff sniff!)


Kris Gilpin said...

high, guys,

wow, this has become some party, eh?! ;-)

--does anyone know how I can get ahold of Steve Bissette online now?! I went to a Google link for him--but it's dead now--& I really wanna thank him for a big favor he did for me years ago...



Matt Bradshaw said...

Yeah, these bring back the golden age of zinedom.

Tom Stockman said...

I've got ALL of these in a file cabinet in my basement.

Temple of Schlock said...

Hey, it's Tom Stockman of THE SHOCK REVIEW! Welcome back to the Temple! We actually traded e-mails a few years ago -- I bought a couple of one-sheets or pressbooks from you on eBay (can't remember what now). I still have all of my SHOCK REVIEW issues also.


Tom Stockman said...

Yes, I'm still around. I write a lot at I'll think I'll put some of those old TEMPLE OF SCHLOCKs up on ebay! :)

Robert Plante said...

Funny, that Gaither illustration on #23: he gave me that as a Disturbed t-shirt design around the same time.

Jack J said...

Hi Chris,
I'm in the middle of reading thru XEROX FEROX and what an awesome book it is!!! I totally love the interviews with all these old zinesters (including you). I too published a zine in the early 90s and another once in the early 2000s. I'll put a link to a full upload of issue #1 down below. Anyhoo, reading the book is as frustrating as it is great because NOW I WANT TO READ ALL THOSE ZINES! I did get hold of some of them back in the day but I was in the UK (and later Denmark) when I got into film zines and import prices (and postage from around the world) were a killer even back then. What I'm trying to say is, it's awesome to see the old ToS covers... but how about putting the entire issues up on the blog as well, pleeease! Either as scans or PDF files. It would be pretty fucken great.
Yours sincerely
Jack J