Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Endangered List (Case File #13)


Combining a sex and horror story with elements of comedy and mysticism, this low-budget effort surrounds the fictional plot with a documentary about the making of the film. Producer Elliot Krasnow, director-writer Lewis Jackson, stars Dianna Mitchell and Michael Baxter are seen discussing the shooting and generally reacting to the situations at hand. The real people are so unaffected that they overshadow the screenplay, dealing with a sex-and-sadism cult investigated by Baxter and Professor David Kirk. Novice Baxter falls in love with exotic singer Mitchelle before discovering she's the high priestess of the cult. Jackson, a former trade press reporter, can also be seen in at least one bit. It's an interesting try at something different, but might appeal mainly to the underground culture. Music by Broken Wing.

[Boxoffice, 11/25/1974, p.66]

Written and directed by Lewis Jackson
Produced by Elliot Krasnow
Palomino Productions
87 minutes, Color
Self-applied X rating
(later rated R by the MPAA)
Released by Howard Mahler Films as
TRANSFORMATION in September 1976

Dianna W. Mitchell, Michael Baxter, David Kirk, Les Crook, Elliot Kastner, Lewis Jackson


Mike Mac said...

I really enjoy and appreciate your blog- very informative and entertaining. Don't know if you have seen the site linked below, but it provides info about Elliot Krasnow's movie-related activities that isn't on his IMDb page. (And clicking on the "nostaglia" (!) button takes you to a page with Krasnow's business card for Palomino Productions. Maybe Mr. Krasnow himself has a print?):

Temple of Schlock said...

Hi Mike! Thanks for the nice comments about the blog. I knew Krasnow had a website but didn't get around to exploring it too thoroughly -- and had no idea that he was still running Palomino Productions. Maybe someone at a DVD company will read this and get in touch with him!

Anonymous said...

Lewis Jackson told me he had a print at one point, but it disappeared with an ex-wife, as did a print of an adults-only film he made that I think was called THE DEVIATORS.

Visible said...


I am the artist formerly known as Les Crook (I played Renfield in the film). I've been going by the name Les Visible for about 20 years now and am a writer and recording artist living near Basel, Switzerland and I spend the winters in southern Italy. What I'm up to is easily researched by putting "Les Visible" in Google.

That was a strange production.