Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mystery Movie Solved! HOUSE OF SHAME (1979)

A decade ago we posted a Mystery Movie entry about the "Double Dose" combo of "two smash shockers," both of which were mysteries to us, and six years later we learned that GIRLS IN BONDAGE, the latter half of the combo, was another retitling of THE CULT. It took another four years but we now have the first movie ID'd thanks to our friend Don Zessin, who recently screened one reel of HOUSE OF SHAME and then called us to report that it's DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS! This is great news -- and not surprising, since DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS and THE CULT (a.k.a. THE LOVE CULT) were both originally released by Maron Films Ltd. and were even booked together in some situations, like this playdate at the Rochester Drive-In in Rochester, NY on November 3, 1971...

Thanks again, Don! Hopefully we'll meet up next summer for one of those great Drive-Insanity screenings at the Skyline Drive-In.

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