Sunday, October 25, 2020

Movie Ads of the Week: Budd Boetticher in '72

Budd Boetticher's last two films, both shot several years earlier, finally saw the light of projectors in 1972 (albeit in limited release). ARRUZA, his problem-plagued, decade-in-the-making documentary about bullfighter Carlos Arruza, arrived in Los Angeles on May 24, 1972 -- six years after Arruza died in an automobile accident.

Two months later, A TIME FOR DYING -- the director's last feature, and also Audie Murphy's final film -- showed up at one Staunton, VA drive-in on a double feature with the concert film BLUEGRASS COUNTRY SOUL on July 26, 1972. This playdate was three years after the film was made and over a year after Murphy perished in a plane crash.

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