Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mystery Movies: THE SAVAGE RIDERS (1973) and TORNADO ON WHEELS (?)

THE SAVAGE RIDERS was submitted to the MPAA in 1973 (by Pioneer World Distributors) and received an R rating, but we have nothing for TORNADO ON WHEELS. We're hoping one of these turns out to be the elusive MOTORCYCLE MASSACRE.


lady gugugaagaa said...

Fireball Jungle is dynamite show by the guy who made Shanty Tramp. Someone do a feature on Fireball Jungle!

Screen 13 said...

Here's some good news, and not so good news.

I think I caught the "Tornado." There was a CARA mention of the film on it's website as well as a Boxoffice MPAA rating announcement in it's Oct. 1, 1973 issue (Page 10 in the Boxoffice Vault presentation). The company who brought the film in to be rated was the Dallas Film Exchange.

For the not-so-hot news, it's G.

To close this finding with at least an interesting G-Rated trivia note, Ray Dennis Steckler's Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters was also rated for the same report.