Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Contest: Win the "Party Animals for Hire" comic book!

Our long-time pal Mike Wood, who’s determined to not become that guy Steely Dan is singing about in “What a Shame about Me,” has collaborated with artist Ed Suckling on a very entertaining comic book titled Party Animals for Hire, Part 1: The Net is Cast. From the back cover: “In their first collaboration since the international crowd-pleaser You. Me. Let’s Hug!, Ed Suckling and Mike Wood return to triumphant form with this biting satire that has everything you could conceivably want in a comic book, and possibly more. Movie stuntmen, courtroom mayhem, big hairy animals…it’s all here, including one helluva plucky heroine! But be warned…you might just end up caught in the net!”

Mike and Ed were nice enough to send us an extra copy of their book, so we’re going to have a drawing on the 4th of July and give it away to one lucky Temple of Schlock subscriber.

Contest rules? There’s only one: If you’re already following us on Blogger, you’ll automatically be entered, but anyone else who wants in on this action needs to either become one of our Worshippers (Followers) or drop us an e-mail that includes your name in the message area and "comic book contest" in the subject line. If Quasi-Schlocko picks your name out of the -- er, whatever hat, box or nearby bucket he's planning to use for this drawing -- we’ll contact you and ask for your mailing address so we can send the book out to you by the end of next week. Cool? OK, so get to it! Let's see some new faces at this party!


lady gugugaagaa said...

why don't you stick to talking about movies for chrissake

Temple of Schlock said...

You know where Macy's is? 151 W. 34th Street? Pick a window, any window. Bring your lovely lips, we'll bring our shiny asses. C-U-N(ext)-T(uesday)?

lady gugugaagaa said...

sorry to offend you, Mr. Schlock, but you really should stick to the movie-theme and plug this other schlock elsewhere.