Sunday, August 30, 2020

Movie Ads of the Week: THE HAUNTED WOMAN a.k.a. TATTOOED SWORDSWOMAN (1971)

Best known today as BLIND WOMAN'S CURSE, Teruo Ishii's weird yakuza horror pic KAIDAN NOBORI RYU, starring Meiko Kaji, opened at the Toho Theatre in Honolulu as THE HAUNTED WOMAN on September 22, 1971.

A month and a half earlier, it had opened at the Toho La Brea Theatre in L.A. as TATTOOED SWORDSWOMAN, co-billed with THE VAMPIRE DOLL, on August 6, 1971.

Kevin Thomas' review in the Los Angeles Times was positive.

This double feature also played at the Bijou in New York City beginning January 19, 1972.

TATTOOED SWORDSWOMAN was screened at the Elgin Theater and Bleecker Street Cinema several times and played numerous samurai and Japanese film festivals for the rest of the decade, most notably the 10-week Cinema East festival at the Regency Theatre in New York (April 14-June 22, 1974), where it screened with the first RED PEONY GAMBLER movie (under the title LADY YAKUZA)...

...and Samurai, A Film Festival at the Entermedia Theatre in New York (November 21, 1980-January 3, 1981).

It also received a positive review (and A-III rating) in The Catholic Film Newsletter!

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