Sunday, January 12, 2014

Movie Ad of the Week: WHOSE CHILD AM I? (1977)

The British fertility clinic exploitation pic WHOSE CHILD AM I? -- shot in 1974 as WHO'S HARRIET? and starring Kate O'Mara (THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN) -- was submitted to the MPAA in February 1975 and began a regional roll-out from Brian Distribution later that year. With newspaper ads that made it look like a horror film, and co-billed with a real horror film (THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT), it opened at the Marbro Drive-In in Kingsport, TN on September 29, 1977.

Over a year later -- and no longer aimed at the horror crowd -- it opened in the New York City area on a double bill with EMBRYO on December 15, 1978.

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