Sunday, July 07, 2013

Movie Ad of the Week: THE BEST OF SEX AND VIOLENCE (1982)

The Charles Band-produced trailer compilation THE BEST OF SEX AND VIOLENCE (1981) played midnight shows in 14 Chicago area theaters on February 5-6, 1982 as a presentation of The Alternative Film Society, a New Jersey-based organization that “four-walled” theaters for midnight movie screenings and dusk-to-dawn shows in the early 1980s. Under the title SCREAMS OF FLESH AND BLOOD, this "comic look at Hollywood's wildest moments" filled out many of the Society’s “5 Deranged Features” programs at drive-ins during the summers of 1982 and ’83 (We wrote about those here), even though it was already available on home video through Band’s Wizard Video label. Since none of the movies pictured in the ad (THE DIRT GANG, WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS, two different GINGER flicks) have anything to do with THE BEST OF SEX AND VIOLENCE, here's a list of the 28 trailers that do appear in the film: BURY ME AN ANGEL; THE DOBERMAN GANG; TUNNELVISION; THE SIN OF ADAM AND EVE; ALICE IN WONDERLAND; CINDERELLA; FAIRY TALES; EMANUELLE AROUND THE WORLD; TANYA'S ISLAND; I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE; TOURIST TRAP; THE BOOGEY MAN; ZOMBIE; THE SINGLE GIRLS; THE WORKING GIRLS; THE MANHANDLERS; DR. MINX; TRUCK STOP WOMEN; THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE; BEYOND ATLANTIS; THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT; SWEET SUGAR; TERMINAL ISLAND; EBONY, IVORY & JADE; DR. BLACK & MR. HYDE; DOLEMITE; THE HUMAN TORNADO; DISCO GODFATHER.

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Guy Callaway said...

I watched the VHS I had of this so many times, it eventually snapped in two!