Sunday, November 20, 2011

Movie Ad of the Week: BANG, BANG, THE MAFIA GANG (1971)

World Premiere - Wednesday, February 24, 1971 - Tucson, AZ

Rated X by the MPAA in 1970, Art Lieberman’s wacky sex comedy BANG, BANG, THE MAFIA GANG -– starring funny guy Frank Corsentino in full Woody Allen mode and exotic Russ Meyer starlet Haji in sexy-as-ever mode -- was released by Headliner and had its world premiere in Tucson with the stars in attendance. A year later the movie was picked up by Group 1, cut for an MPAA-approved R rating and re-released as UP YOUR ALLEY. It toured drive-ins and neighborhood theaters for 5 years under this handle before being sold off to producer/showman M.A. Ripps (of POOR WHITE TRASH infamy), who re-titled it HEADS 'N' TAILS ("Their tails are up, their heads are down, they're the most popular girls in town!") and finally THE MELON AFFAIR for a 1978/1979 roll-out through his EMC Film Corporation. The movie is currently available on DVD-R and for download from Something Weird under its original title.

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K.R. said...

Saw this on a double bill with a film called AT LAST, AT LAST in the late 70s or early 80s in Garland, TX.