Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview with New World's Frances Doel (1981)

One of the only nice things about packing for a move is that you're bound to unearth one or two dusty items you completely forgot you owned. Take for instance Derek Castle's 1982 Screenplay Sales Directory, "The only complete how, who and where of selling your film or TV script," which 30 years later is chock full of contact information for dozens of now deceased actors, producers and directors, as well as companies that haven't been heard from since VHS killed off Betamax. Any normal person would've trashed this book 20 years ago, but the inclusion of a Q&A with Frances Doel, the story editor for Roger Corman's New World Pictures, ensured its survival all this time in Po-Man's overstuffed filing cabinet. Because of the renewed interest in New World classics like BIG BAD MAMA, PIRANHA and BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS -- mostly due to the special edition DVDs that have come out in the past year -- we've scanned the interview with Ms. Doel and posted it below. Enjoy.


venoms5 said...

An interesting read, thanks for sharing, guys!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Chris! I, too, have never been able to part with this treasure (tho I can't seem to find it now!). I remember it had contact info for the Jerry Gross Organization and Seymour Borde and Associates, among others. Thanx for the flashback!