Friday, January 16, 2009

Documentary on THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL in production

One of the unsung gems of late '60s low-budget filmmaking is Gunnar Hellstrom's psychothriller THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL. Based on a bizarre screenplay by Gary Crutcher that passed through many hands -- including Rock Hudson's and Roman Polanski's -- before director Hellstrom and producer Joe Solomon brought it to fruition, THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL failed to catch on with moviegoers in 1968 and for many years could only be seen on late-night television under the title THE FEMALE TRAP. Never available legally in any home video/digital format, the film is ripe for rediscovery (an excellent review by Tim Lucas recently appeared on his Video WatchBlog) and deserving of a special edition DVD release. Last week busy filmmaker Daniel Griffith, who produced all the extras for BCI's special edition disc of STANLEY and is finishing up documentaries on K. Gordon Murray and William Grefé, revealed to Temple of Schlock that he also has a documentary on the making of THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL in the works. Below are a few photographs Daniel sent us of the locations used in the film, as they exist today in Jerome and Clarkdale, Arizona. "I revisited these locations with Gary Crutcher and shot the footage in high-def," Daniel said. "The Terry family gas station is still there! We also shot footage of the offices where they assembled and edited the film in Los Angeles. This footage, combined with the interviews I've done and over 200 behind-the-scenes photographs, will make a very interesting documentary." If a DVD ever materializes, let's hope Daniel's making-of is included as an extra. In the meantime, be sure to check out the trailers for THE WONDER WORLD OF K. GORDON MURRAY and keep your eyes peeled for horror festival and convention screenings of the complete, uncut DARK SIDE OF EDEN: THE MAKING OF STANLEY later this year.

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Pretty sure Stu Phillips said this is the one soundtrack of his he wishes would be found and released.